What is a typical project timeline?

The City of Burnsville strives for lower costs and greater flexibility with construction projects and schedules; therefore, the City tries to have projects bid during the late winter and early spring, with our goal being to have construction work substantially completed by mid- fall. 

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1. What is the difference between reconstruction, reclamation and rehabilitation?
2. How are streets selected for reconstruction, reclamation and rehabilitation?
3. How will the City communicate project progress and updates with residents and business owners?
4. Will I lose trees in my yard?
5. Will my mail service or garbage service be interrupted?
6. What if my irrigation or landscaping is damaged during construction?
7. Where does the funding come from for street improvement projects?
8. What is a typical project timeline?
9. Can my entire driveway be replaced as part of the street project?
10. How do I find information about easements?
11. How do I find information about assessments?