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Plots are available for use from May through late October (weather permitting). All gardeners will receive their plot assignment via email on or after March 1, 2023.

Call 952-895-4500 with questions.

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Though not guaranteed, returning gardeners will receive first priority to the plot # of their choice. 

Community Garden Plot paper application

Scholarship Rates

Grow Burnsville, a new citywide initiative, aims to build a long-term solution to help the rising challenge of food inequity in our community. We want every resident interested to have an opportunity to participate in our community gardens. All garden plots have a scholarship rate available if you are presented with a financial hardship. 

Crosstown East Community Garden

The Crosstown East Community Garden is located at 12551 Portland Ave. South. The garden is a standard style layout with plots in rows. There are 51 plots available. 

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Neill Park Community Garden

The Neill Park Community Garden is located at 13501 Upton Ave. The garden is a standard style layout with plots in rows. There are 39 plots available. 

Gardeners are expected to supply their own gardening tools, as well as a bucket for hauling water to your plot. A water spigot is provided for all gardeners to utilize.

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Wolk Park Community Garden

This garden is located at 13800 Parkwood Lane and has 48 spots available.

The Mandala style garden is a circular garden design where minimum paths are used to conserve space for plants. Each Mandala garden has 17 keyhole beds and 16 crop field beds. The keyholes are 8 feet in diameter and allow for intensive planting for one sitting or kneeling gardener. The field crop areas on the garden perimeter are for larger field crops that would crowd out small vegetables.

The field crop area is approximately 6x8 feet. This area is used for tall, broad and vine crops such as tomatoes, squash, potatoes, cucumber, zucchini, pole beans and corn. Many of these crops are grown as a cooperative venture so space can be utilized efficiently. Trellises will be provided in the field crop areas.

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