CR42 and CR5 Trail Gaps Study

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The City of Burnsville and Dakota County are partnering to improve trails on County Roads 42 and 5.

The City of Burnsville and Dakota County strive to promote recreation and non-motorized transportation by including paved trails along highway corridors throughout the roadway network. Much of County Road 42 (CR 42) in the study area has paved sidewalks, but there are sidewalks only on the east side of County Road 5 (CR 5) in the study area.

The purpose of this project is to close gaps in the trail system along CR 42 and CR 5 by widening sidewalks from the typical 5 feet to a standard 10-foot trail, and adding a new trail where there currently is no sidewalk. The project will inform and involve the public in planned improvements, define engineering challenges and costs, design the new trails, and pursue funding to make constructing the trails a reality.

The project will include:

  • Analysis of the existing sidewalks and known issues
  • Design of new trails for pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Identification of funding sources and project phasing


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Project Contact:

Interim City Engineer, Logan Vlasaty