Free Agents

If you are new to the area and are looking for a softball team to join or if you are a manager of a team and find yourself short players, let the Recreation Department be a resource for you.

Email the League Director and request to be added to the list if you are an individual, or request the list via email if you are a manager.

Please be sure to include:
1) Your full name
2) Your phone number and email
3) The night(s) of the week you are available to play
4) Your level of play - Competitive or recreational with the understanding that competitive teams often play weekend tournaments and take games more seriously than recreational teams.

Note: There is no obligation for a team to add a player from a list or for a player to join a team that contacted a player on the list. The list is just a resource to connect people and the city is not responsible for any outcomes of that connection. This is an adult sports program and adults must determine if the connection is the right fit for them.