Adopt-A-Street sign, blue with white lettering "Thanks Thomas Allen, next 1 mile"Help Burnsville keep city streetscapes Clean and Green by participating in the Adopt-A-Street program!

What is Adopt-A-Street?

Burnsville’s Adopt-A-Street program is a public service program for volunteers to pick up litter along Burnsville’s streets. It is a way for environmentally-conscious citizens to make a personal contribution to a cleaner environment.

What Do I Need To Know?

  • The Department of Public Works will help your group select a street. Streets that are residential in nature and those which are routinely cleaned by adjoining property owners are not be eligible
  • Your group representative must sign an agreement on behalf of your entire group. All participants must review the safety information provided by the department of Public Works before every pick up
  • Participants must be at least 12-years-old, unless specifically permitted
  • Participants 18-years-old or younger must have adequate adult supervision
  • Groups shall arrange pickup dates in advance with the Department of Public Works. Work may not be allowed on or near holidays
  • Groups shall leave filled trash bags along the roadside as specified by the Department of Public Works. Groups are encouraged to recycle materials for their own benefit

How Do I Sign Up?

How Does Adopt-A-Street Work?

  • Community groups, churches or businesses adopt a street by picking up litter on both sides of the roadway
  • Adopt-a-Street groups agree to:
    • Adopt a street for a minimum of two years
    • Select a segment of street at least one mile in length, where possible
    • Pick up litter at least three times a year
  • The Burnsville Department of Public Works will:
    • Provide high visibility vests, trash bags and safety information
    • Remove filled bags from the roadsides; remove large, heavy or hazardous items
    • Erect a 24-inch by 30-inch sign to recognize your group’s cleanup efforts

What is the Benefit? 

  • Litter is unsightly. It destroys the natural beauty of our streets and roadways
  • Litter pickup is very expensive; your help will save tax dollars and allow maintenance crews to devote time and effort to other maintenance projects
  • Scenic and litter-free streets "Welcome" visitors and make us proud to live in Burnsville
  • Your organization gets public recognition for their service