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Established and evolving, we’re reimagining vibrant city spaces, boldly leading and welcoming to all.

Our team of over 300 people provide services and experiences for more than 64,000 residents, 2700 businesses and thousands of visitors. For several years, the City has been challenged with space to do our work and increased repair and replacement costs to keep the buildings housing police, city hall, fire and public works viable to meet community needs. An independent study evaluated conditions and space needs, identifying significant maintenance and space needs to ensure our public facilities are:

  • Welcoming and accessible to all.
  • Right-sized to meet evolving operational and community needs.
  • Resilient in service delivery for generations to come.

Welcoming and accessible to all.

We believe the variety Burnsville offers invites all people to be themselves. We are a community where residents feel safe and welcome to be themselves. We understand that our current spaces hold us back from creating the kinds of experiences where people find a place they want to come back to again and again. Everyone should be able to enjoy our city facilities with ease.

  • The community and employees alike are looking for more welcoming and usable shared spaces, where people feel at home.
  • Community-centered spaces are designed differently than four-decades ago, our aim is to enhance accessibility for everyone.
  • We need to care for the wellbeing of those who care for the community by creating spaces that promote the wellbeing of our team.

Right-sized to meet evolving operational and community needs.

Like a growing family or business, we’re outgrowing our current spaces. Assessment of our current municipal facilities identify a 279,111 square foot deficiency in the current police and city hall (114,512), fire (29,291) and public works (80,175) facilities. 

  • Increased public safety and city service demand has changed the size and complexity of our operations and the space needed to deliver those services.
  • Changing workforce and community needs means changing space needs to deliver exceptional service.
  • How we delivered public safety and city services yesterday is not how we need to deliver those services in the future.

Resilient in service delivery for generations to come.

We’re in the business of making normal happen for Burnsville. That’s why we’re thinking of Burnsville's future today to meet tomorrow's needs. We’re always adapting to be ready to absorb, recover and prepare for whatever comes our way. We’re designing facilities that will ensure our ability to not only survive future challenges, but thrive to the benefit of Burnsville. It’s about ensuring our facilities help serve the next generation of our community, over the coming 50 years.

  • We build resiliency by ensuring we have the spaces, places and people to meet future community needs.
  • By renovating now, we can maintain the community’s current investment by making our facilities future-ready for decades to come. 
  • Recently the city council has invested in our operations to ensure exceptional public safety and service to the community, investing in our facilities completes that work.

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Key Discussions

  • Oct. 10, 2023 Council Work Session: Municipal Facilities Pre-Design Project Update   Video  |  Presentation PDF
  • Nov. 28, 2023 Council Work Session: Facilities Pre-Design Financing Discussion   Video  |  Presentation PDF