Code Review

We welcome your thoughts on the City Code if you live or work in Burnsville. The Code Review Task Force will take your comments into consideration as they are reviewing the City Code for a full update.

Upcoming Task Force Discussions:

  • 8/25/21 meeting 
    • Title 1, Chapters 1-6: Administrative Chapters
  • 9/29/21 meeting 
    • Title 1, Chapters 7-12: Elections, Special Assessments, Certain Funds
    • Title 2: Boards, Commissions and Departments
  • 10/27/21 meeting 
    • Title 3, Chapters 1-11, 17-19: Business Regulations, Liquor


The Code Review Task Force will research and advise on a full update to the City Code to help make it clear, understandable and effective to the community.  

Qualifications for Appointment

Burnsville resident, age 18 and over

Term Length

12-24 months

Number of Members

  • 15 members

Meeting Schedule

  • Dates – Generally the last Wednesday of each month (schedule differs in November and December)
  • Time – 5:30 p.m.
  • Place – Council Chambers
  • Estimated Length – 2 to 4 Hours

Meeting Preparation Responsibilities

Read background reports; review and edit code chapters

Reference Material

Additional Information