Twin Lakes Proposed Improvements

Project Description

As you may have noticed, No-Wake zones have been enforced at Crystal Lake to prevent degradation of the shoreline. In addition, the Twin Lakes (North and South, part of the same chain of critical water bodies as Crystal Lake) have been known to be prone to flooding. To address these issues the City has developed a set of proposed improvements including: 

  1. Regional Pond Expansion
  2. New South Twin Lake Outlet
  3. Crystal Lake Outlet Modifications

Click on the below image to explore details on the proposed improvements and to see a snapshot of the overall production schedule. 



October 18 - 24

Click the Construction Update (PDF) for a printable pdf version of this information.

1. Regional Pond 

  • No active construction anticipated in the project area. The contractor will be completing final cleanup items on the project as needed.

2. South Twin Outlet 

See below for more information about about traffic control and access closure.

  • No active construction anticipated in the project area. Contractor will be completing final cleanup items on the project as needed.

3. Crystal Lake Outlet

  • Contractor will be actively working at the site, installing the temporary lake outlet ahead of demolition of the existing outlet.
  • During the week of October 21 - 31, contractor will be continuing work in the area. Material deliveries will be on-going through the construction to the boat landing area as well as to the active work zone.

South Twin Outlet Traffic Control and Access Closure

Click here or on image below for more information

What:  Traffic control on Southcross Drive and closure of the access of western Carriage Lane and Southcross Drive (as shown in image below)

When:  Starting around August 2, 2021 (tentatively) and lasting approximately eight (8) weeks.

Why:  The City’s contractor will be working in Southcross Drive installing new storm sewer pipes that will connect with the new South Twin Lake outlet structure located on the north side of the lake.   For their safety, the southern lanes of Southcross must be closed and traffic shifted to the northern lanes.   The western Carriage Lane access to Southcross Drive must be closed for the duration of this work because the traffic shift occurs at the median opening and for driver safety, the access must be closed.

Neighborhood Access Closure Map