Nicollet Avenue Multi-Use Trail Addition

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 The City of Burnsville hopes to make an addition to our multi-use trail system. We are proposing to provide a ten foot wide asphalt off-street trail on the east side of Nicollet Avenue from Trunk Highway 13 to Cliff Road. Please see the graphic below to see the proposed concept. 

There would be modifications to the crossings of Trunk Highway 13 and a new Cliff Road crossing east of Nicollet Avenue. The Trunk Highway 13 crossing would be improved with this application, but would remain at grade (no bridge or tunnel).  This intersection is currently being studied by MnDOT and a vision is being generated which will allow for future funding opportunities to make major improvements to this crossing. 

The Cliff Road crossing would include a median refuge in Cliff Road (a County Highway) west of Nicollet Avenue; a new traffic signal system for the crossing would not be allowed and traffic signals generally do not increase safety.  Bikers and pedestrians would need to yield to vehicular traffic. When a gap opened in traffic from one way, the biker/pedestrian would travel to the median.  When a traffic gap opened the other direction, then the biker/pedestrian would could complete the highway crossing.  Dakota County has successfully completed these types of crossings already within Dakota County. 

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