Multi-use trail connections to I-35W Bridge Crossing

Burnsville awarded federal grant to raise trail

In 2020, the City of Burnsville applied for a federal grant to raise a portion of the I-35W Frontage Trail to a minimum elevation of 702 feet. Looking at historic flooding data, we can estimate that by raising the trail to 702 feet, this section of trail will, on average, flood between three and six days each year.

Fall 2022 Update

The City awarded a contract to Ramsey Companies this fall.  The contractor will be begin work in the area around the week of October 10, 2022.  Work this fall will consist primarily of placing surcharge material in the location of the new trail.  Access to the existing trail is expected to be open through the fall and winter.  Major construction activities will begin in the spring of 2023.


Please contact Burnsville City Engineer, Jen Desrude if you have questions regarding the project.

Project Description:22-502 Project Area Map

The project will realign a segment of the I-35W Frontage Trail, which connects to the Minnesota River Greenway, adjacent to Black Dog Road. The improvements include raising the trail from the current elevation, which lowers the frequency and magnitude of trail closures due to flooding.

Alternatives for raising the trail were evaluated and documented in a Feasibility Study (March 2020). The City has determined the preferred alternative is to construct a conventional earth embankment with a trail width of 10 feet and 2 foot shoulders on either side. This alternative provides the City with the lowest cost/highest benefit solution when compared to other alternatives.

Project Benefits:

  • When MnDOT reconstructed the I-35W bridge over the Minnesota River, a new pedestrian/bicycle facility was included that links to reginal trails on both sides of the river. Prior to making this critical connection between Burnsville and22-502 Flooding event with bicycle Bloomington, a pedestrian and bicycle facility along I-35W never existed.
  • Flooding often occurs during the spring months (March - May) and can take several weeks to subside. During those times, this segment acts as a pedestrian and bicycle barrier rather than a regional amenity. Pedestrian and bicycle investments to the I-35W bridge may not be fully realized if the flooding issues are not addressed along this trail segment. This project will limit closure due to river flooding from many weeks down to 3 -6 days per year.
  • The I-35W Frontage Trail is heavily relied on by bicycle commuters and will become a more prominent commuting route between Burnsville and Bloomington now that the I-35W bridge is open.