Boulevard trees

What's a boulevard tree?

A boulevard tree is any tree that grows with the boulevard right-of-way. These trees are considered property of the City. In a residential area, the standard boulevard right-of-way follows the street curb and reaches 15 feet into a yard. Within the right-of-way are underground utility lines such as those for electric and cable services.

Permit needed for boulevard tree work

A permit is required in advance to do work on a boulevard tree. There is no fee for the permit. Work includes activities such as:

  • Tree planting
  • Spraying with pesticide or other chemical treatment
  • Fertilization treatment
  • Branch pruning
  • Tree removal

Before doing any boulevard tree work, residents must submit an application for review by City forestry staff. In most cases, a site inspection will be needed. A site inspection is done to make sure that the proposed work is appropriate for the tree and/or the location. For example, staff would review a tree planting proposal to make sure that the species selected is appropriate for that site and would not interfere with nearby infrastructure or pedestrian/driver safety.

Also, if a chemical treatment is proposed, the product and application method would be reviewed for personal and environmental safety. By ordinance, boulevard trees may not be treated by soil drenching -- only soil injection or trunk injection is allowed.

Download a permit application for boulevard tree work

The Boulevard Tree Work Permit Application is available in two formats:

You can also arrange to pick up a paper copy of the application by calling the City Forester at (952) 895-4508.

Trees and boulevard right-of-ways within residential neighborhoods