Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake water level status: Normal

When the water level is on "High Water" status, all watercraft must travel at no-wake speeds (5 miles per hour (MPH) or less). When the status is "Normal" watercraft traffic may resume regular activity.

Lake level readings are taken once per week during the open water season. During periods of high water, the lake level is checked more frequently.

Crystal Lake - View from public boat launchAt almost 300 acres in size, Crystal Lake is Burnsville’s largest lake. It’s a popular recreation destination that offers a public boat launch, fishing pier and public beach.

Visit the DNR LakeFinder website for more information about Minnesota Lakes. The Crystal Lake LakeFinder page includes information about fish stocking, water levels and more.


Aquatic Plant Pickup For Homeowners

The City harvests Curly-leaf Pondweed on Crystal Lake every year in an effort to control this invasive species and reduce nuisance plant growth.  Harvesting activities can result in some additional cut plant material washing up on private shoreline areas.  To assist residents in disposing of this material, the City conducts one round of curbside pickups for aquatic plant material approximately one week after harvesting is complete.  The pickup for 2022 is now complete and no more pickups will be provided until after harvesting in 2023.