Program Submissions

Public Access Programs

Burnsville Community Television (BCTV) accepts programming for playback on Comcast Cable Channel 14. Public access programming plays all day on Mondays and Wednesdays. It also plays in two-hour time blocks on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

BCTV does not guarantee a specific time block for playback of any public access programming.

Program Series

A program series is a collection of programs that are tied together by an individual theme. Generally, the program series has a show title, such as "The Northwoods Cooking Show" or "Bible Alive." When submitting a program series there is an expectation that new shows will be provided on a regular time schedule.


A program is an individual show that is produced as a stand-alone show. An example would be an elementary choir concert.

Program Submission

Programming can be submitted in the following ways:

Online submission

 Fill out your online program submission form and upload your video file to the BCTV submission site. A link for upload will be provided immediately after your form is submitted.

Online Program Submission Form

Online Program Series Submission Form

Preferred Format:

  • Codec: MP4
  • File Extension: .mp4
  • Frame Size: 1920 X 1080
  • Frame Rate: 29.97
  • Audio Bit Rate: 126kbps
  • Channels: 2 (stereo)
  • Audio Sample Rate: 48kHz

Other Accepted Format:

  • Codec: MPEG2
  • File extension: .mpg, .mpeg
  • Profile: Main (420), 422
  • Frame Size: 720 by 480
  • Frame Rate: 29.97
  • Audio codec: MP2 ( MPEG 1 Layer 2), PCM
  • PCM audio bits per sample: 16, 24, 32
  • Audio sample rate: 48Khz

Mail In or Drop Off Your Submission

1. Print and fill out your online program submission form.

2. Mail the program submission or program series form, proof of residency and DVD playable disk to:

BCTV Public Access Programming
100 Civic Center Parkway
Burnsville, MN 55337