Tips for Using Herbicide

There are two big concerns when using herbicide: personal safety and environmental safety. Preventing herbicide damage to native plants nearbySpraying herbicide on buckthorn is extremely important.

A few things to remember:

  • Treat the stump within minutes of cutting. The stump will begin to seal itself off and may not absorb the chemical if you wait too long.
  • Always read the instructions on your herbicide bottle carefully
  • Wear personal safety gear, including long sleeves, long pants, gloves and eye protection.
  • Be aware of wind direction and any potential spray drift that could be a hazard to yourself and others.
  • Keep an arm's length away from whatever you are spraying but hold the spray bottle close to the stump.
  • Adjust spray nozzle so you can spray the stump without too much either missing the stump or spattering off of the stump onto nearby plants.

Untreated buckthorn stump with regrowth

What's next?

The information provided in the links below will walk you through identifying, removing, treating with herbicide and what to do when buckthorn is gone. Want a shortened version? View a two page identification and control guide (PDF).

Identifying Buckthorn

Removal Method – Pulling

Removal Method – Cutting

Tips on Herbicide Use

Disposal of Buckthorn

Replacement Plantings

Additional Resources

Take Back Your Woods - Identification and Control Guide (PDF)

Still have questions? Contact the City Natural Resources Department at 952-895-4543 or email.