Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance

Keeping Burnsville a clean and attractive place to live takes every resident's effort. Make sure your property is in compliance with these property maintenance issues.

Address Numbers

Homeowners are encouraged to place house numbers on their properties in ways that will allow public safety personnel to easily see them from the street. This includes numbers that are reflective, at least four inches high and a color that will stand out from the background so that they can be seen both night and day. (City Code 8-5-2

Exterior Storage

Exterior storage is not allowed. (City Code 10-7-21

Home-Based Businesses

Home-based businesses are allowed, but the exterior parking of trailers or equipment associated with the business is not allowed. (City Code 10-12a-2) Man mowing a lawn


Resident's and business owners must keep lawns mowed and maintained at a height no greater than eight (8) inches. (City Code 7-1-9)


All structures, including fences, sheds and retaining walls, must be in good condition. Peeling paint must be removed and surfaces refinished. (City Code 10-7)

Overnight Parking

Vehicles may not be parked on any City street between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. 365-days-year. The public can request a temporary on-street parking permit. (City Code 9-1-3)

Recreational Vehicles

Recreational Vehicles (motor homes, boats and trailers, utility trailer, etc.) may be stored on the property, but must meet the criteria of this section. (City Code 7-1-8)

Responsible Pet Owners

Pet excrement may not be left on any public or private property within the City. (City Code 6-2-9) If Animal Control is needed, contact American Boarding Kennels at 952-894-3647.


Rubbish, including brush and yard clippings, is not allowed to accumulate on the property. Placing leaves or grass in the street is also prohibited. (City Code 7-1-2)

Trash Containers

Trash and recycling containers may be stored outside if screened from view. (City Code 7-1-10)


All parked vehicles must be currently licensed, operable and parked only on the approved driveway surface of concrete, asphalt or pavers, or stored in the garage. (City Code 10-7-26

With questions regarding these and other property maintenance issues contact Burnsville Licensing & Code Enforcement at 952-895-4440.